Covid-19 Return to work solutions and structures

As a result of Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we have worked hard to develop a number of solutions to help support our clients in their return to work. We have wide variety of hire periods and fit out options to assist in deploying Covid-19 Secure measures.


We already have a proven track record in the construction industry, and have a range of solutions to help support our construction clients back to work. This includes marquees and structures for temporary canteen areas, drying rooms, security posts. Within these marquees, we can offer a wide variety of social distancing measures, including signage, flooring, hand sanitising solutions. Our marquees and temporary structures can accommodate a wide range of requirements in terms of numbers, from 10 to 500 workers including social distancing measures. We’ve set up our construction solutions on a variety of sites and ground conditions. All our marquee structures are available with soft and hard sided options.

Industry and workplaces

For industry and workplace our marquees and structures can cater for enlarged canteen areas, to help support social distancing. From entrance and egress areas, we can provide additional temperature testing and sanitising stations. In addition our temporary warehouses and vehicle loading bays can create much needed additional space at very short notice. For more permanent solutions, we are able to provide additional help and support throughout the hire or sale options should you wish. All our marquee structures are available with soft and hard sided options.

Schools and education

Our marquees and structures can be fitted out to create temporary class rooms, to allow for social distancing, and thus become Covid Secure. Along with this, the requirements for temporary canteen and cafeteria areas, are often ones that need considerable new spacial requirements in light of social distancing measures.


We realise retail has its own nuances in terms of social distancing measures required. As a result, we are able to help support retail outlets, large and small, we have a range of structures for hire and sale, to help support queuing, click and collect drive through marquees, and temporary warehousing structures.


Whilst testing, and testing stations are at the forefront of everyone’s mind, we are able to offer a wide range of structures to help support the healthcare sector including enlarged waiting rooms and any areas that require additional space and additional room to incorporate social distancing.

Personal protective equipment

As we stock a range of PPE for our team, we are also opening our stocks to our clients, and able to offer a range of face masks and face visors/shields.

We consider health and safety in all the work we do, our team use a range of PPE to carry out their duties, this has been enhanced to ensure they are Covid secure.

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